Blum 173H7130 3mm Cam Adjustable Baseplate, Screw-on


  • 3mm Screw-on Cam Adjustable Wing Baseplate for Cliptop Hinges
  • Product Type = Wing
  • Compatible Hinge Type = Cliptop Hinges
  • Height = 3mm
  • Mounting = Screw On
  • Material = Steel
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Mounting plate 173H7130
mounting plate system: CLIP
mounting plate shape: Wing
spacing: 3 mm
material: Steel
surface: Nickel-plated
bottom part surface: Nickel-plated
mounting: for wood screws
distance between mounting locations: 32 mm
distance cabinet front edge to first mounting location: 37 mm
mounting plates height adjustment: with camx

Weight .1 lbs


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